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Fig. 4

From: A novel transcription factor specifically regulates GH11 xylanase genes in Trichoderma reesei

Fig. 4

The phenotypes and extracellular protein of sxlr transformants. a RUT-C30, Δsxlr, Osxlr, and Rsxlr strains grown on PDA plates (3 days) and minimal medium plates containing various carbon sources (1%): xylose (4 days), xylan (4 days), glucose (4 days), lactose (6 days), and Avicel (6 days). Extracellular protein concentration (b) and SDS-PAGE analysis (c) of supernatants from RUT-C30, Δsxlr, Osxlr, and Rsxlr grown with wheat bran and Avicel as the carbon source. In c, lines 1 to 4 are the supernatants of RUT-C30, Δsxlr, Osxlr, and Rsxlr, respectively. Line M is a protein molecular weight marker. d The straw hydrolysis reaction was carried out for 3 days, as described in the "Methods" section. Error bars represent the standard deviation of three biological replicates

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