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Fig. 3

From: Sustaining fermentation in high-gravity ethanol production by feeding yeast to a temperature-profiled multifeed simultaneous saccharification and co-fermentation of wheat straw

Fig. 3

Multifeed SSCF with the non-flocculating strain KE6-12.A and the flocculating strain KE-Flow. Accumulated WIS concent and percent viability (a, b) and concentrations of ethanol, glucose, and xylose (c, d) using: (a, c) KE6-12.A; and (b, d) KE-Flow in multifeed SSCF at 22% (w/w) overall WIS of material M1, at 35 °C. Cells were added initially (w/o cell feed, filled symbols) or fed during the process (w cell feed, open symbols). Feeding of cells is indicated by the arrows. The detailed feeding profile has been described elsewhere [32]. Values are averages from duplicate experiments, and error bars show the results from the individual experiments

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