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Table 1 Mutations found in T. reesei QM9978 compared to WT QM6a

From: Genome sequencing and transcriptome analysis of Trichoderma reesei QM9978 strain reveals a distal chromosome translocation to be responsible for loss of vib1 expression and loss of cellulase induction

SNP_id Mutation Event Position Transcript Element Annotation
1_2509832 SNV A > G   Trire2:119839 Intron Putative cyanamide hydratase
1_753158 SNV T > G   Trire2:21170 Intron Putative 40S ribosomal protein S12
1_753159 SNV C > T   Trire2:119626 Prom Putative 40S ribosomal protein S22
1_96633 Transloc t(1;16)(96,633;631,551)   Trire2:54675 Upstream Putative transcription factor VIB1
10_21554 InDel −1:G +1671 Trire2:121962 Exon Blue-light regulator 1 BRL1
11_325040 SNV G > C +583 Trire2:4231 Exon Putative siderophore regulation protein
12_146369 InDel −1:T   Trire2:108419 Prom Putative protein of unknown function
12_146369 InDel −1:T   Trire2:122376 Prom Putative protein of unknown function
12_778518 SNV T > C   Trire2:108592 Intron Putative leucine aminopeptidase
12_842068 SNV G > A +776 Trire2:79153 Exon Putative 5-oxoprolinase OXP1
13_429746 SNV G > A   Trire2:79300 Intron Putative sphingolipid long chain base-responsive protein
13_839848 SNV T > C   No   
14_189528 InDel 1:A   Trire2:79485 Term Putative peptide N-glycanase degradation
15_427120 SNV C > G   Trire2:4767 Prom Putative biotin synthase
16_631551 Transloc t(1;16)(96,633;631,551)   Trire2:80028 Upstream Putative ABC transporter
17_646809 SNV G > T   Trire2:65965 Prom Putative S-adenosyl-l-methionine-dependent methyltransferase
20_145726 SNV T > C +293 Trire2:55671 Exon Putative NAD(P)-binding Rossmann-fold domain protein
2_618372 SNV C > T +2098 Trire2:66913 Exon Putative phosphatidylinositol 3-kinase
24_496758 InDel −1:G   Trire2:123658 Intron Putative guanylate-binding domain protein
26_169591 SNV CG > AC +2901 Trire2:51893 Exon Putative lipid body protein ppoC
26_331506 SNV G > A   Trire2:68803 Term Putative RTA-1 domain protein
28_280867 InDel −1:T   No   
29_224118 SNV T > C   No   
3_1061204 InDel −7:ATATCAT   No   
3_1353739 SNV G > A +635 Trire2:104458 Exon Putative protein of unknown function
31_146257 SNV A > G +427 Trire2:69881 Exon Putative pyoverdine/dityrosine biosynthesis protein
33_52840 InDel −1:T   No   
37_85324 SNV G > A   Trire2:124181 Intron Putative DML1 protein
4_1236402 SNV A > T   No   
4_1680892 SNV G > A +127 Trire2:41761 Exon Putative vacuolar iron transporter
4_890445 SNV A > T   Trire2:75921 Prom Putative tRNA-dihydrouridine synthase 1
4_890446 SNV A > T   Trire2:75921 Prom Putative tRNA-dihydrouridine synthase 1
43_42477 SNV G > A +1144 Trire2:6057 Exon Putative ubiquinol cytochrome-c reductase assembly protein
6_289426 SNV G > T   No   
6_289431 SNV C > G   No   
6_622255 SNV G > C   Trire2:105968 Prom Putative PcbC family protein
8_1174800 InDel −7:GGAGGTC   Trire2:39911 Intron Putative S-adenosylmethionine-homocysteine methyltransferase
8_1290905 InDel −1:A +452 Trire2:47897 Exon Putative ABC transporter
9_1123734 SNV G > T   No   
9_223955 InDel −1:A   Trire2:77836 Prom Putative protein of unknown function
9_475049 InDel −1:G   No   
  1. The SNP_id number gives the position on the scaffold as obtained by Illumina sequencing. The presented transcript ID corresponds to the protein ID in the JGI database (