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Table 3 Multifunctional cellulosomal proteins in B. cellulosolvens

From: Unique organization and unprecedented diversity of the Bacteroides (Pseudobacteroides) cellulosolvens cellulosome system

Modular architecture Accession Number
GH16-GH16-Doc KNY27855.1
GH43- Doc-CBM42-GH43 KNY29222.1
GH5_8-GH5_8- Doc KNY27224.1
GH43-CBM13-Doc -GH16 KNY26476.1
GH11-CBM6-Doc -GH10 KNY26370.1
GH11-CBM6-Doc -GH10 KNY27805.1
GH11-GH10- Doc-X124 KNY27822.1
GH62-CBM6-Doc -GH10 KNY27824.1
GH11-GH10- Doc-CE4 KNY28459.1
GH8- Doc -CE4 KNY25189.1
GH8- Doc -CE3 KNY25208.1
GH8- Doc -CE4 WP_081926996.1
GH10- Doc -CE3 KNY27825.1
GH43-CBM6-CBM6- Doc -CE6 KNY27842.1
GH11-GH10- Doc -CE4 KNY28459.1
CE3-CE3- Doc WP_036941945.1
PL1_5-X60-Doc -PL9_1 KNY28878.1