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Fig. 1

From: Phenotypic landscape of non-conventional yeast species for different stress tolerance traits desirable in bioethanol fermentation

Fig. 1

Fermentation efficiency of the selected multi-tolerant Saccharomyces (CAT1 and Ethanol Red) and non-Saccharomyces yeast strains [VMU007 (B. anomalus), VMU018 (B. naardenensis), VMU074 (D. bruxellensis), VMU079 (H. lachancei), VMU095 (K. lactis), VMU099 (K. ohmeri), VMU119 (M. caribbica), VMU139 (P. kudriavzevii), VMU184 (T. delbrueckii), VMU197 (W. anomalus), VMU214 (Z. bailii), and VMU219 (Z. rouxii)] in different stress conditions at 30 °C (unless mentioned otherwise). Fermentations were performed in duplicate. a glucose 10% (w/v) (control condition), b VHG condition (glucose 10% + sorbitol 50% w/v), c temperature 40 °C, d 3 g L−1 5-HMF, and e 0.8% v/v acetic acid. Error bars represent the standard deviation from the mean

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