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Fig. 4

From: Network reconstruction and systems analysis of plant cell wall deconstruction by Neurospora crassa

Fig. 4

Comparative analysis of global transcriptome profiles of N. crassa in nine conditions. a Correlation of the whole transcriptomes across each pair of conditions. Hierarchical clustering of the pairwise correlation matrix led to the identification of four clusters of highly correlated conditions. b Principal component analysis of the whole transcriptomes in all nine conditions. The first and second principal components explain >58% and 20%, respectively, of the total variance. Thus, the first two components together explain more than 79% of the total variance. c Horizontal bar plot showing the sizes of regulons for seven conditions and the overlap of each regulon with the 168 PCWDN genes. Statistically significant overlaps (p < 10−6) were marked with an asterisk. The vertical bar plot shows the 26 intersection sets among the seven regulons with 5 or more genes and was generated using UpSetR [108]

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