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Fig. 8

From: Rhodosporidium toruloides: a new platform organism for conversion of lignocellulose into terpene biofuels and bioproducts

Fig. 8

High-carbon fed-batch fermentation of R. toruloides. Bioreactor cultivation of strain BIS3 in (a) alkaline hydrolysate (b) SD medium with glucose. Left panels: lines represent dry cell weight (DCW), bars represent bisabolene titers. Bisabolene titers were measured three times per time point, average value is shown. Right panels: measured glucose (red) and xylose (black) concentration profiles. At each time point, 10 mL of the culture was sampled. After separation, the dodecane layer was used for bisabolene measurement. 5 mL of the aqueous layer was used for the measurement of DCW

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