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Table 1 Strains and plasmids used in this study

From: Rhodosporidium toruloides: a new platform organism for conversion of lignocellulose into terpene biofuels and bioproducts

  Genotypes/features Source/references JBEI registry ID
 pGI2 KanR for bacteria, NatR for yeast, binary plasmid [16]  
 pGI2-GPD1-BIS-Tnos pGI2-PGAPDH-BIS-TNOS This study JBx_065214
 pGI2-GPD1-ADS-Tnos pGI2-PGAPDH-ADS-TNOS This study JBx_065213
 IFO0880 (WT) Rhodosporidium toruloides strain IFO0880, mating type A2 NBRC culture collection  
 BIS 1-8 IFO0880/PGAPDH-BIS-TNOS This study JBx_065242 to JBx_065249
 ADS 1-8 IFO0880/PGAPDH-ADS-TNOS This study JBx_065232 to JBx_065239
 CAR2 IFO0880/ KU70::HygR, CAR2::NatR [17]