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Fig. 1

From: Dynamic changes in transcriptome and cell wall composition underlying brassinosteroid-mediated lignification of switchgrass suspension cells

Fig. 1

Experimental design. Switchgrass cell suspension cultures were transferred to fresh medium containing 9 μM 2,4-D (controls, blue), or to medium with 0.9 μM 2,4-D supplemented with 0.2 μM BL (induced, orange), and harvested at the times shown. The changes in cell wall composition of induced and non-induced samples were analyzed by biochemical and immunochemical approaches at all the times shown. Microarray analysis was performed on induced samples harvested at 0, 6 h, 1, 3, and 7 days after transfer, and on non-induced samples 1 and 7 days after transfer. Comparative transcriptomics and correlation with changes in cell wall composition were applied to identify putative cell wall-related genes

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