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Fig. 4

From: Dynamic changes in transcriptome and cell wall composition underlying brassinosteroid-mediated lignification of switchgrass suspension cells

Fig. 4

Glycome profiling heat maps showing the relative abundance of cell wall glycan epitopes released sequentially from the AIR fraction of 7-day BL-induced and non-induced suspension cells. Plus and minus symbols indicate BL-induced and non-induced samples, respectively. The cell walls were sequentially extracted with ammonium oxalate, sodium carbonate, 1 M and 4 M KOH, chlorite, and 4 M KOH post-chlorite as indicated. The solubilized extracts were then analyzed by ELISA using cell wall glycan-directed monoclonal antibodies. The results presented on the heatmaps are the average values of three independent replicates. Right panel shows a magnified view of the hatched areas on the left panel

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