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Fig. 3

From: Combined genome and transcriptome sequencing to investigate the plant cell wall degrading enzyme system in the thermophilic fungus Malbranchea cinnamomea

Fig. 3

Proteins with more than one CAZy domain or with only a CBM domain, but no predicted catalytic domain. Gene ID is shown to the left, and the total length of the predicted protein to the right. The coloured bars indicate the location of the CAZy domains along the protein sequence; catalytic domains are green and CBMs are orange. The numbers in the bars indicate the CAZy family as classified in the CAZy database. The intensity of the shading indicates the coverage between query and subject in the dbCAN search. a Twenty putative proteins with at least one catalytic CAZy domain in addition to one or several CBM domains were found in the M. cinnamomea genome. b Eight putative proteins without predicted catalytic domains, but one or more CBM domains were present in the genome

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