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Fig. 5 | Biotechnology for Biofuels

Fig. 5

From: Lignocellulose binding of a Cel5A-RtCBM11 chimera with enhanced β-glucanase activity monitored by electron paramagnetic resonance

Fig. 5

a Measured spectra of BsCel5A-RtCBM11Y151R1 in solution, and in the presence of different fractions of milled sugarcane bagasse or pre-treated fractions. The dash lines indicate the spectral lines in BsCel5A-RtCBM11Y151R1 spectra that are indicative of the immobilized protein population. b Total reducing sugar release after treatment of milled sugarcane bagasse or pre-treated fractions with the cysteine mutant BsCel5A-RtCBM11

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