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Fig. 1

From: Label-free, simultaneous quantification of starch, protein and triacylglycerol in single microalgal cells

Fig. 1

Quantification of starch, protein and TAG contents in individual Chlamydomonas reinhardtii cells via SCRS. a Dynamics of starch, protein and TAG contents in the bulk biomass as measured by conventional approaches. b Temporal alteration of the averaged SCRS sampled from 60 cells over three culture replicates at each time points along the 16 time points. Reference Raman spectra of starch (corn starch), protein (bovine serum albumin V) and TAG (triacylglycerol 48:3) are shown above the SCRS for comparison. The contents of starch (c), protein (d) and TAG (e) of individual cells were derived using PLSR models, and the averaged contents in the population (Y axis; two of the three culture replicates were used for calibration and one for validation) was plotted versus the corresponding value measured with conventional methods at the population level (X axis). PLSR: partial least square regression. TLC–GC–MS: Thin-layer chromatography coupled with gas chromatography–mass spectrometry. R 2: correlation coefficient

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