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Table 1 The 13 reference Raman bands that are highly correlated with starch, protein and TAG contents in Chlamydomonas reinhardtii CC124 during the process of nitrogen depletion

From: Label-free, simultaneous quantification of starch, protein and triacylglycerol in single microalgal cells

Component Raman bands (cm−1) R 2 Assignments
Starch 478 0.6976 C–C–C deformation
865 0.9300 C–C–H and C–O–C deformations
940 0.8895 C–O stretching; C–O–C and C–O–H deformation; α-helix C–C backbone
1049 0.8308 C–O and C–C stretching; C–O–H deformation
1127 0.8862 C–O and C–C stretching; C–O–H deformation
Protein 1003 0.7638 Phenylalanine ring breath; carotene C–H bending
1586 0.9105 Phenylalanine
1610 0.8850 C=O stretching of protein amide I; –NH2
Triacylglycerola 972 0.8438 ν (C–C) wagging
1265 0.8783 Alkyl=C–H
1441 0.8974 Alkyl C–H2 bend
1658 0.7721 Allyl C=C stretches
2851 0.8902 C–H2, C–H3 asymmetric and symmetric stretches
  1. Correlation coefficient (R 2) between averaged intensity of the Raman bands derived from SCRS and the corresponding quantitative trait shown
  2. aCorrelation coefficients calculated based on post-1d datasets, since the TAG content of C. reinhardtii cells during the first day of nitrogen depletion was very low