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Table 1 Trichoderma reesei strains and derived enzyme preparations

From: A novel GH10 xylanase from Penicillium sp. accelerates saccharification of alkaline-pretreated bagasse by an enzyme from recombinant Trichoderma reesei expressing Aspergillus β-glucosidase

Strains Genotypes Enzyme preparationsa
PC-3-7 Wild-type  
X3AB1 amdS +, xyn3p::aabg1, Δxyn3::aabg1 JN11H
E1AB1 amdS +, eg1p::aabg1 JN13H
X3AB1Δpyr4 amdS +, xyn3p::aabg1, Δxyn3::aabg1, Δpyr4  
C1PX10 amdS +, cbh1p::pspxyn10, Δcbh1::pspxyn10  
X2PX10 amdS +, xyn3p::aabg1, Δxyn3::aabg1, xyn2p::pspxyn10 JNK25H
  1. aIndicated strains were grown in media with 10% (w/v) microcrystalline cellulose and 2% (w/v) beechwood xylan