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Table 3 Plasmids, PCR templates, and primers used for plasmid construction

From: A novel GH10 xylanase from Penicillium sp. accelerates saccharification of alkaline-pretreated bagasse by an enzyme from recombinant Trichoderma reesei expressing Aspergillus β-glucosidase

Plasmid Template Forward primer Reverse primer
pUC-cbh1 gDNA of PC-3-7 SwaI cbh1 F SwaI cbh1 R
pUC118 SwaI pUC F SwaI pUC R
pUC-cbh1-amdS pUC-cbh1 cbh1-amdS F cbh1-amdS R
pUC-amdS amdS F amdS R
pUC-Pcbh1-pspxyn10-amdS pUC-cbh1-amdS Tcbh1 F Pcbh1 R
cDNA of KSM-F532 Pcbh1-pspxyn F pspxyn-Tcbh1 R
pUC-xyn2 gDNA of PC-3-7 SwaI xyn2 F SwaI xyn2 R
pUC118 SwaI pUC F SwaI pUC R
pUC-xyn2-pyr4 pUC-xyn2 xyn2-pyr4 F xyn2-pyr4 R
gDNA of PC-3-7 pyr4 F pyr4 R
pUC-Pxyn2-pspxyn10-pyr4 pUC-xyn2-pyr4 Txyn2 F Pxyn2 R
cDNA of KSM-F532 Pxyn2-pspxyn F pspxyn-Txyn2 R