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Fig. 5

From: Comparative evaluation of Populus variants total sugar release and structural features following pretreatment and digestion by two distinct biological systems

Fig. 5

Glycome profiles for solids from raw and hydrothermally pretreated Populus natural variant lines resulting from subjecting the samples to sequential chemical extractions with oxalate, carbonate, 1 M KOH, 4 M KOH, chlorite, and 4 M KOH post chlorite (PC), listed in order of increasing severity, followed by screening of the extracts with monoclonal antibodies to determine the presence of diverse non-cellulosic glycan epitopes. Glycan epitopes present in later extractions indicate greater integration into the cell wall matrix. Antibody binding is indicated using a black-red-yellow scheme, where black indicates no antibody binding and yellow indicates maximal binding (as indicated by the gradient scale on the right of the figure). The key for cell wall glycan types is given along the right side of the profiles. The amount of material recovered in each extraction is indicated by a bar chart at the top of the figure in units of mg material recovered/gram cell wall

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