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Table 2 Strains and plasmids used in this study

From: Green route to synthesis of valuable chemical 6-hydroxynicotine from nicotine in tobacco wastes using genetically engineered Agrobacterium tumefaciens S33

Strain or plasmid Description Source
 E. coli
  BL21 (DE3) F ompT hsdS(r B m B ) gal dcm lacY1(DE3) Novagen
 A. tumefaciens
  S33 Wild-type, nicotine degrader; G [4]
  S33-∆hno Gmr; hno mutant of strain S33 This study
  S33-∆hno-C Gmr; strain S33-∆hno containing pBBR-hno This study
 pETDuet-1 Apr; expression vector Novagen
 pETDuet-1-hno Apr; pETDuet-1 containing hno gene This study
 pJQ200SK Gmr; mob+ orip 15A, lacZα+ sac B; suicide plasmid [39]
 pJQ-∆hno Gmr; hno were disrupted and inserted into pJQ200SK This study
 pRK2013 Kmr; helper plasmid for conjugation Clontech
 pBBR1MCS-5 Gmr; broad-host-range cloning vector [40]
 pBBR-hno Gmr; hno inserted into pBBR1-MCS5 This study