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Fig. 2

From: Laccase-derived lignin compounds boost cellulose oxidative enzymes AA9

Fig. 2

GPC chromatograms showing the molecular-weight distribution of the LMWLDC in the supernatants from LMS-treated SCB (a) and WS (b). Red lines are the incubations of the biomass with LMS based on MtL, and the blue lines are based on TvL laccases. Black lines refer to control experiments missing laccases. On top of the chromatograms are indicated the molecular-weight distributions in Dalton (Da) which are inversely correlated with the elution time: higher molecular weight corresponds to lower elution time. The 1701 and 94 Da are calculated measuring the elution time of tannic acid (10.5 min) and phenol (12.3 min), respectively

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