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Fig. 4

From: Laccase-derived lignin compounds boost cellulose oxidative enzymes AA9

Fig. 4

(figure adapted from [4, 17])

Simple representation of several oxidases enzymes degrading lignocellulose. The LMS system is depicted as Laccases + ABTS while depolymerizing the bulk lignin for the production of low-molecular-weight lignin-derived compounds (LMWLDC) represented by the compounds identified in this study: the (2) coumaric, (3) caffeic, and (1) ferulic acid, respectively, the hydroxylated and methoxylated form of coumaric acid. Since caffeic acid is a good electron donor to LPMO, it can directly activate the cellulose oxidation, while coumaric and ferulic acids do not have the same favorable redox potential. Thus, we hypothesize based on literature data that poly-phenol oxidase PPO can be used to hydroxylate the coumaric acid and other monophenols into good electron donor for LPMO, and at the same time mitigate the re-polymerization into high-molecular-weight lignin-derived compounds. All the enzymes depicted in the figure are all oxygen dependent

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