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Table 4 Comparison of different parameters about material reduction rate, biomass-conversion, and feed-conversion ratios in different studies

From: Insect biorefinery: a green approach for conversion of crop residues into biodiesel and protein

Feed source Species Waste reduction (%) Bioconversion (%) FCR References
Corn stover Hermetia illucens 39.89Dw 1.39 28.59 This study
Corn stover Tenebrio molitor and Hermetia illucens 51.32Dw 3.70 13.86 This study
Rice straw Hermetia illucens 9.58–31.53Dw NA NA [17]
Artificial feed Tenebrio molitor NA NA 3.80–19.10 [39]
Human feces Hermetia illucens 25.00–55.00Ww 2.10–22.30 2.00–15.60 [45]
Swine manure Musca domestica 67.20Ww NA NA [46]
Municipal organic waste Hermetia illucens 68.00Dw 12.00 14.50 [47]
Swine manure Hermetia illucens 39.00Dw 4.00 9.60 [47]
Chicken manure Hermetia illucens ≈ 50.00Ww 3.70 13.40 [48]
Chicken and cow manure Musca domestica 25.00Ww NA 10.00 [49]
  1. Ww wet weight, Dw dry weight, NA not available