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Table 2 Resonance assignments for the CP/MAS 13C solid-state NMR spectra of the pretreated and raw PH

From: Production of isoprene, one of the high-density fuel precursors, from peanut hull using the high-efficient lignin-removal pretreatment method

No. Chemical shift (ppm) Functional group
173.80 Acetate (C=O) of hemicellulose
130–155 aromatic groups of lignin
105.53 C1 cellulose
89.23 C4 crystalline cellulose
84.00 C4 amorphous cellulose
72.89–75.38 C2, 5, C3 of hemicellulose and cellulose
65.06 C6 crystalline cellulose
63.20 C6 amorphous cellulose
56.11 OMe of lignin
21.42 Acetate (CH3) of hemicellulose