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Fig. 2

From: Expressing accessory proteins in cellulolytic Yarrowia lipolytica to improve the conversion yield of recalcitrant cellulose

Fig. 2

Expression of rTrXYNII in Y. lipolytica. a Screening of Y. lipolytica transformants on agar plates containing 0.2% w/v AZCL-arabinoxylan: lane 1, Y. lipolytica-control; lane 2 to 3, Y. lipolytica expressing rTrXYNII and rhTrXYNII respectively; L4, YLC8; b rTrXYNII production on YTD medium versus time; c SDS-PAGE analysis of the culture supernatant of Y. lipolytica control strain expressing empty plasmid and the recombinant strain expressing rhTrXYNII; d SDS-PAGE analysis of the rhTrXYNII after purification, protein marker (lane 1) and rhTrXYNII (lane 2)

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