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Fig. 6

From: Enhancing methane production from food waste fermentate using biochar: the added value of electrochemical testing in pre-selecting the most effective type of biochar

Fig. 6

Correlation between the initial methane formation rate (mgCOD/L d) and the electron donating capacity (EDC) (meq/g) (a); the electron accepting capacity (EAC) (meq/g) (b); the electrical conductivity (S/m) (c), and the specific surface area (m2/g) (d) of the different biochars. Legend: (1) wheat bran (this study); (2) wood (this study); (3) orchard (this study); (4) pine [29]; (5–6) rice straw [62]; (7–9) rice straw [63]; (10) corn stover [64]; (11) pine [64]

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