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Fig. 3

From: Overexpression of a Domain of Unknown Function 231-containing protein increases O-xylan acetylation and cellulose biosynthesis in Populus

Fig. 3

Quantitative RT-PCR analysis of the expression of PdDUF231A in Populus transgenic lines. a Diagram illustrating the gene construct used to generate OXPdDUF231A transgenic lines. b PdDUF231A expression in OXPdDUF231A transgenic lines. The cDNA generated from total RNA of scrapped xylem tissue was used for qRT-PCR. The PdUBCc (Populus UBIQUITIN C) was used as an internal control. Two independent PdDUF231A overexpression lines were examined, together with the wild-type WV94 and the empty vector control K-147. Statistical analysis was performed with three replicates in two different plants per individual transgenic line (n = 6). Asterisk indicates statistical significance compared to WV94 (p < 0.01)

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