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Fig. 4

From: Overexpression of a Domain of Unknown Function 231-containing protein increases O-xylan acetylation and cellulose biosynthesis in Populus

Fig. 4

Carbohydrate and gene expression analyses in OXPdDUF231A transgenic lines. Two independent OXPdDUF231A transgenic lines (OXPdDUF231A-1 and OXPdDUF231A-2), WV94 (wild type) and K-147 (empty vector control) were grown under greenhouse conditions. a Monosaccharide composition analysis. The monosaccharide composition was determined by ion chromatography after a two-step acid treatment. b Cellulose content analysis by anthrone dye staining. c Relative gene expression of cellulose biosynthesis-related genes in leaf and xylem. Shown are the mean value ± SD of three technical repeats of three biological replicates of leaf or xylem (n = 9). Asterisks indicate statistical significance compared to WV94 (p < 0.01)

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