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Fig. 6

From: Overexpression of a Domain of Unknown Function 231-containing protein increases O-xylan acetylation and cellulose biosynthesis in Populus

Fig. 6

Integration analysis of xylan acetylation in OXPdDUF231A transgenic lines. a Target chemical structure detected by 13C-1H 2D HSQC NMR. b The NMR spectra from cell wall gels. Five different spectral types including 2-O-acetylated (2-O-AcXyl), 3-O-acetylated (3-O-AcXyl), 2,3-di-O-acetylated (2,3,-di-AcXyl), 4-O-methyl-alpha-d-glucuronic acid (4-O-Me-GlcA) and xylan backbone ((1-4)-β-d-Xylp) were detected in this NMR analysis. The resonance peaks of lignin were also assigned together here; LA β-aryl ether (β-O-4), LA-H/Gβ β-aryl ether (β-O-4-H/G), LA-Sβ β-aryl ether (β-O-4-S), LC resinol (β-β). The acetylated and non-acetylated xylan resonance peaks were used to perform integration analysis. c The relative integration result of acetylated groups and non-acetylated xylan. Note that 3-O-AcXyl and 2,3-di-O-AcXyl were increased in OXPdDUF231A transgenic lines. Shown are the mean values of two biological replicates each line ± SD

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