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Fig. 11

From: Enhanced rates of enzymatic saccharification and catalytic synthesis of biofuel substrates in gelatinized cellulose generated by trifluoroacetic acid

Fig. 11

Rates of enzymatic hydrolysis of crystalline (C), swollen (0 h), and gelatinized (5 h) cellulose. Crystalline cellulose was swollen in TFA at − 20 °C for 15 h. Gelatinized cellulose was prepared from swollen cellulose by heating at 55 °C for 5 h. Cellic® Ctec2 (Novozymes) (18 or 1.8 FPU/g glucan) was added to 5 mg of cellulose samples in 2 mL of 50 mM sodium citrate and incubated at 50 °C for up to 72 h. Samples were withdrawn at designated intervals for assay cellulose and solubilized glucose [54]. Panel (a) shows samples that were not dried prior to enzymatic hydrolysis. Panel (b) shows samples that were freeze dried prior to hydrolysis

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