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Table 2 Plasmids used in this study

From: Optimizing anaerobic growth rate and fermentation kinetics in Saccharomyces cerevisiae strains expressing Calvin-cycle enzymes for improved ethanol yield

Name Characteristics Origin
p426-TEF 2 μm ori, URA3, pTEF1-tCYC1 empty vector [38]
pMEL10 2 μm ori, KlURA3, pSNR52-gRNA.CAN1-tSUP4 [34]
pMEL11 2 μm ori, amdS, pSNR52-gRNA.CAN1-tSUP4 [34]
pROS10 URA3, gRNA.CAN1-2 μm ori-gRNA.ADE2 [34]
pROS11 amdS, gRNA.CAN1-2 μm ori-gRNA.ADE2 [34]
pUD232 Delivery vector, pTEF1-groEL-tACT1 [28]
pUD233 Delivery vector, pTPI1-groES-tPGI1 [28]
pUDE046 2 μm ori, pGAL1-prk-tCYC1 [28]
pBTWW002 2 μm ori, URA3, pTDH3-cbbm-tCYC1 [28]
pUD344 pPGI1-NQM1-tNQM1 PCR template vector [48]
pUD345 pTPI1-RKI1-tRKI1 PCR template vector [48]
pUD346 pPYK1-TKL2-t-TKL2 PCR template vector [48]
pUD347 pTDH3-RPE1–tRPE1 PCR template vector [48]
pUD348 pPGK1-TKL1-tTKL1 PCR template vector [48]
pUD349 pTEF1-TAL1-tTAL1 PCR template vector [48]
pUDR103 2 μm ori, KlURA3, pSNR52-gRNA.SGA1-tSUP4 [22]
pUDR119 2 μm ori, amdS, pSNR52-gRNA.SGA1-tSUP4 This study
pUDR164 2 μm ori, KlURA3, pSNR52-gRNA.X-2-tSUP4 This study
pJET-cbbm PCR template vector for cbbm amplification This study