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Fig. 6

From: Metabolic engineering of Pichia pastoris for production of isobutanol and isobutyl acetate

Fig. 6

RT-PCR analysis of isobutanol biosynthetic pathway genes including PpIlv5 (a), PpIlv3 (b) PpIlv6 (c), PpIlv2 (d) in engineered yeast. The engineered strains PP100, PP200, and PP300 were pre-cultured in 5-mL aliquots in MGYH (2% glycerol) minimal medium overnight and used to inoculate either 10 mL fresh MGYH (2% glycerol) to achieve an initial optical density of 0.05 at 600 nm (OD600). The cultures were grown at 30 °C and 250 rpm in an orbital shaking incubator. Samples were taken at 48 h time points for real time RT-PCR analysis

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