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Fig. 8

From: Gene stacking of multiple traits for high yield of fermentable sugars in plant biomass

Fig. 8

Saccharification assays of multiple traits engineered lines. Biomass from dry stems of W- (a) and X-(b) engineered lines after hot water pretreatment was assessed for saccharification efficiency with CTec2 enzyme cocktail alone or CTec2 complemented with endo-β-1,4-galactanase at 0 and 96 h. The amount of released sugars was tested with a DNS assay. Bars: SD, n = 3. The sugar release following enzyme treatment was analyzed by 2-factor ANOVA, followed by Dunnett’s multiple comparison test. *p < 0.05, **p < 0.01, ***p < 0.001 in comparison to W0 (a) or X0 (b). The effect of adding galactanase was significant across all the lines (ANOVA, p < 0.01) but the interaction between galactanase and genotype was not significant

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