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Fig. 2

From: SACCHARIS: an automated pipeline to streamline discovery of carbohydrate active enzyme activities within polyspecific families and de novo sequence datasets

Fig. 2

Phylogenetic tree using characterized sequences from GH43. a Subfamily assignments defined by [20] are shown in the outer circle, and members of the tree are coloured based on their characterized activity. Green stars indicate the distribution of exo-acting arabinanases. BdGH43b is indicated with a black circle. BdGH43b endo-α-glucosidase activity; b Fluorescent assisted carbohydrate electrophoresis and c thin-layer chromatography of products generated by BdGH43b (+) following in vitro digestion of soluble potato starch. Control digestions of starch were performed with endo-α-amylase (α), maltose releasing β-amylase (β), and no enzyme (−). Marker (M) containing; glucose (G), maltobiose (M2), maltotetrose (M4) as standards are indicated

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