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Fig. 9

From: Re-direction of carbon flux to key precursor malonyl-CoA via artificial small RNAs in photosynthetic Synechocystis sp. PCC 6803

Fig. 9

Results of the qRT-PCR and the binding energy calculation. a Results of qRT-PCR for the relative mRNA levels of slr1511 and slr2023 in WT and WT-HMMA1(the*) without (shown as “theo−”) or with (shown as “theo+”) 2 mM theophylline induction, respectively. The error bar represents the standard deviation of the three technical replicates for each sample. b Binding energy between the sRNA and the corresponding target for slr1511 and slr2023. The binding energy was calculated by the IntaRNA using the unique sequences of sRNA and its target mRNA

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