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Table 1 Strains constructed in this study

From: Re-direction of carbon flux to key precursor malonyl-CoA via artificial small RNAs in photosynthetic Synechocystis sp. PCC 6803

Strain Genotype
WT-LacZS pCP0168::Pcpc560-lacZ-TrbcL; CmR in WT
WT-LacZW pCP0168::PpsbA2-lacZ-TrbcL; CmR in WT
WT-PTLacZS pBA3031M::PpsbA2 M-PT1-aslacZ1-PT2-TrbcL; SpeR in WT-LacZS
WT-PTLacZW pBA3031M::PpsbA2 M-PT1-aslacZ1-PT2-TrbcL; SpeR in WT-LacZW
WT-HMLacZS pBA3031M::PpsbA2 M-aslacZ2-micC-TrbcL-Pcpc560-hfq-TrbcL; SpeR in WT-LacZS
WT-HMLacZW pBA3031M::PpsbA2 M-aslacZ2-micC-TrbcL-Pcpc560-hfq-TrbcL; SpeR in WT-LacZW
WT-C pBA3031M:: SpeR in WT
WT-PTGLGC pBA3031M::PpsbA2 M-PT1-asglgC1-PT2-TrbcL; SpeR in WT
WT-HMC pBA3031M::PpsbA2 M-asglgC2-micC-TrbcL; SpeR in WT
WT-HMGLGC pBA3031M::PpsbA2 M-asglgC2-micC-TrbcL-Pcpc560-hfq-TrbcL; SpeR in WT
WT-HMFA pBA3031M::PpsbA2 M-asslr1511-micC-TrbcL-PpsbA2 M-asslr1332-micC-TrbcL-PpsbA2 M-assll1069-micC-TrbcL-Pcpc560-hfq-TrbcL; SpeR in WT
WT-HMMA1 pBA3031M::PpsbA2 M-asslr2023-micC-TrbcL-PpsbA2 M-asslr1511-Pcpc560-hfq-TrbcL; SpeR in WT
WT-HMMA2 pBA3031M::PpsbA2 M-asslr2023-micC-TrbcL-PpsbA2 M-asslr1511-micC-TrbcL-PpsbA2 M-asslr1332-micC-TrbcL-PpsbA2 M-assll1069-micC-TrbcL-Pcpc560-hfq-TrbcL; SpeR in WT
WT-HMLacZS2 pTR3031M::PpsbA2 M-aslacZ2-micC-TrbcL-Ptrc-riboswitch-hfq-TrbcL; SpeR in WT-LacZS
WT-HMMA1(the*) pBA3031M::PpsbA2 M-asslr2023-micC-TrbcL-PpsbA2 M-asslr1511-Ptrc-riboswitch-hfq-TrbcL; SpeR in WT