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Fig. 5

From: In vitro and in vivo characterization of three Cellvibrio japonicus glycoside hydrolase family 5 members reveals potent xyloglucan backbone-cleaving functions

Fig. 5

Growth analysis of in-frame deletions of GH5_4, and GH74 mutant strains on xyloglucan. a Control experiment with XyGUL in-frame deletion mutant strains. b Single, c double, d triple and quadruple deletion mutants were made with the GH5_4 and GH74 genes; CJA_3010 encodes CjGH5D, CJA_3337 encodes CjGH5E, CJA_2959 encodes CjGH5F, and CJA_2477 encodes CjGH74. Graphs represent the average of three biological replicates and error bars represent the standard deviation. All strains grew similarly to wild-type when grown with MOPS-glucose defined medium (Additional file 1: Figure S12)

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