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Table 3 Comparison of biohydrogen production of strains WA and WB with other reported Clostridium species

From: Genomic comparison of Clostridium species with the potential of utilizing red algal biomass for biobutanol production

Bacterial strains Substrate Production (mL/L) Yield (mL/g)a References
C. butyricum CGS5 Xylose 108.17 [73]
C. beijerinckii DSM791 Glycerol 2682 292.60 [74]
C. pasteurianum CH4 Glycerol 268.41 [75]
C. beijerinckii IB4 Glucose 8240 137.33 [76]
C. butyricum CGS5 Sucrose 3577 180.68 [77]
C. pasteurianum MTCC116 Glycerol 210.38 [78]
C. acetobutylicum WA Galactose 21,560 353.17 This study
C. beijerinckii WB Galactose 10,140 165.47 This study
  1. “–” data not available
  2. aValues were calculated based on the consumed concentration of substrates