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Table 2 GenBank accession numbers and similarities of the most homologous sequences to the nucleotide sequences isolated from the DGGE bands selected in this study

From: The structural and functional contributions of β-glucosidase-producing microbial communities to cellulose degradation in composting

Clone no. Most similar known sequence in GenBank GenBank no. Similarity (%)
GH1B-a1 Bacillus sp. AB009410.1 70
GH1B-b1 Devosia sp. KP663811.1 73
GH1B-c1 Streptomyces sp. JX032780.1 73
GH1B-d1 Microbacterium JX960412.1 83
GH3E-d3 Aspergillus niger Q9P8F4 83
GH3E-e3 Penicillium brasilianum EF527403 97