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Fig. 5

From: Direct and highly productive conversion of cyanobacteria Arthrospira platensis to ethanol with CaCl2 addition

Fig. 5

Ethanol production from A. platensis without organic nutrients, in the absence or presence of CaCl2. Ethanol production with organic nutrients (blue triangle) or without organic nutrients (red circle) at 38 °C in the presence of CaCl2 (solid line) and in the absence of CaCl2 (dotted line). YE and P mean yeast extract and bacto peptone, respectively. The data for ethanol production with organic nutrients and CaCl2 are the same as that in Fig. 4. The data for ethanol production with organic nutrients but without CaCl2 are same as that in Fig. 1a. Error bars indicate the SD of three replicated experiments. For some data points, error bars obtained by three replications are smaller than the symbols

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