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Table 1 T. reesei strains constructed in this study

From: Mn2+ modulates the expression of cellulase genes in Trichoderma reesei Rut-C30 via calcium signaling

Strains Relevant features Source
Rut-C30 Parent strain ATCC
Δtpho84-177552) Rut-C30-deleted tpho84-1 gene This study
Δtpho84-245868) Rut-C30-deleted tpho84-2 gene This study
Δtpho84-1/2 Rut-C30-deleted tpho84-1 and tpho84-2 gene This study
Δ81389 Rut-C30-deleted tre81389 gene This study
Δ45852 Rut-C30-deleted tre45852 gene This study
Δ106118 Rut-C30-deleted tre106118 gene This study
rfp-tpho84-1 Rut-C30-harboring vector prfp-tpho84-1 This study
rfp-tpho84-2 Rut-C30-harboring vector prfp-tpho84-2 This study
tpho84-1-rc Rut-C30-harboring vector ptpho84-1-rc This study
tpho84-2-rc Rut-C30-harboring vector ptpho84-2-rc This study
Δcrz1 Rut-C30-deleted crz1 gene This study
Δtpmr1 Rut-C30-deleted tpmr1 gene This study