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Fig. 3

From: Water-splitting-based, sustainable and efficient H2 production in green algae as achieved by substrate limitation of the Calvin–Benson–Bassham cycle

Fig. 3

The effect of O2 on the H2 production of Chlamydomonas in acetate-free HS medium induced by dark anaerobic incubation. a, b Detailed time courses of H2 and net O2 productions during the initial 5 h of illumination at 320 µmol photons/m2/s. c, d The effects of glucose (Glc, 2 mM), glucose oxidase (GO 0.2 mg/ml) and ascorbate (Asc, 1 mM) on H2 and net O2 productions, added after the dark anaerobic incubation. In the right Y axis, the percentage of the corresponding gases in the headspaces of the cultures are shown. Mean values (± SEM) are each based on 4–8 biological replicates

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