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Fig. 6

From: Water-splitting-based, sustainable and efficient H2 production in green algae as achieved by substrate limitation of the Calvin–Benson–Bassham cycle

Fig. 6

Characterisation of the photosynthetic apparatus of Chlamydomonas during H2 production in acetate-free HS medium induced by dark anaerobic incubation in the absence and presence of an iron-salt-based O2 absorbent. a Changes in chl (a + b) content during the H2-producing period. b The FV/FM fluorescence parameter determined based on OJIP transients. c Western blot analysis for the semi-quantitative determination of PsbA, PetB, PsaA and RbcL contents; samples of 2 µg chl (a + b) were loaded and the second to fourth lanes (25, 50, 100% of 0 h control) are for approximate quantitation of the proteins. The 0 h control samples were collected directly after the 4-h dark anaerobic incubation. Mean values (± SEM) are each based on 3–6 biological replicates

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