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Fig. 6

From: A novel acetyl xylan esterase enabling complete deacetylation of substituted xylans

Fig. 6

1H-NMR spectrum of 1% (w/v) hot water extracted glucuronoxylan following treatment with FjoAcXE. The solid arrow indicates the unique ability of FjoAcXE to deacetylate 3-O-acetylated Xylp 2-O-substituted with MeGlcpA. The dashed arrow shows synergistic effect of FjoAcXE with AxyAgu115A [34]. Reactions were performed in 50 mM HEPES (pH 7.0) for 20 h at 30 °C; reactions were then lyophilized and suspended in 0.3 mL HDO. *100% represents 0.29 mg/mL release of (Me)GlcpA. Peak assignments were made as described previously [19, 21, 24]

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