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Fig. 3

From: Evolutionary engineering improves tolerance for medium-chain alcohols in Saccharomyces cerevisiae

Fig. 3

Mutations in Gcd1p and Sui2p relieve inhibition of translation initiation by n-hexanol and isoamyl alcohol. All strains were grown in YPD to an OD600 of ~ 1 AU. n-Hexanol (0.15%) or isoamyl alcohol (0.5%) were then added and the cultures incubated for a further 30 min. Polysomes were analyzed as described in “Methods”. The P/M ratio was determined for a WT and evolved strains, and b strains with the reconstructed mutant alleles (and wild-type genes as controls). Values are mean ± standard deviation from three independent cultures. c Representative polysome profiles for WT, and the reconstructed gcd1-1 (sSD029) and sui2-2 (sSD056) strains. The 40S (small ribosomal unit), 60S (large ribosomal unit), 80S (monosome), halfmer and polysome peaks are labeled

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