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Table 2 Plasmids and strains used in this study

From: Endogenous lycopene improves ethanol production under acetic acid stress in Saccharomyces cerevisiae

Name Description Source
 pCaro415 pTEF1-crtE-tPDX1-pTDH3-crtI-tMPE1pFBA1-crtB-tTDH2, pRS415 This study
 pCaro-2 pTEF1(mutagenized-M1)-crtE-tPDX1-pTDH3-crtI-tMPE1pFBA1-crtB-tTDH2, pRS415 This study
 pCaro-3 pTEF1(mutagenized-M2)-crtE-tPDX1-pTDH3-crtI-tMPE1pFBA1-crtB-tTDH2, pRS415 This study
 pCaro-4 pTEF1(mutagenized-M3)-crtE-tPDX1-pTDH3-crtI-tMPE1pFBA1-crtB-tTDH2, pRS415 This study
 pCaro413 pTEF1-crtE-tPDX1-pTDH3-crtI-tMPE1pFBA1-crtB- tTDH2, pRS413 This study
 CEN.PK2-1C MATa, ura3-52, trp1-289, leu2-3, 112, his3Δ1, MAL2-8C, SUC2 EUROSCARF
 BY4741 MATa, his3Δ1, leu2Δ0, LYS2, met15Δ0, ura3Δ0 EUROSCARF
 BY4742 MATα, his3Δ1, leu2Δ0, lys2Δ0, MET15, ura3Δ0 EUROSCARF
 yPS001 CEN.PK2-1C, pRS415 This study
 yPS002 CEN.PK2-1C, pCaro415 This study
 yPS003 CEN.PK2-1C, pCaro-2 This study
 yPS004 CEN.PK2-1C, pCaro-3 This study
 yPS005 CEN.PK2-1C, pCaro-4 This study
 yPS006 yPS003, pCaro413 This study
 yPS007 yPS002, pCaro413 This study
 yPS008 BY4741, pRS415 This study
 yPS009 BY4741, pCaro415 This study
 yPS010 BY4742, pRS415 This study
 yPS011 BY4742, pCaro415 This study