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Fig. 2

From: An endogenous microRNA (miRNA1166.1) can regulate photobio-H2 production in eukaryotic green alga Chlamydomonas reinhardtii

Fig. 2

Construction of pre-miRNA vectors. The mature miRNA sequences of miR1166.1, miR1150.3, and miR1158 are shown in red, and the miRNA* sequences are shown in blue. a Stem–loop structures of the miR1162 precursor and the amiR1166.1, amiR1150.3, and amiR1158 precursors. The mature components (miRNA/miRNA* duplex) are shown in boxes. b Partial diagram of the pH124-miRNA expression vector. NheI and PmaCI sites were added to the left and right arms of the miR1162 precursor, respectively. 5′ HSP70A is a heat shock promoter, 5′ RBCS2 is a constitutive promoter, and ble is the zeocin resistance gene

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