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Table 5 Comparison of cell growth and lipid production by M. buryatense under high cell density culture conditions

From: Enhanced biological fixation of methane for microbial lipid production by recombinant Methylomicrobium buryatense

Strain 5GB1 AP18
DCW, g/L 21.4 15.3
Maximum O2 uptake rate, mmol/L/h 80.6 87.8
Maximum CH4 uptake rate, mmol/L/h 51.1 54.4
Maximum CO2 evolution rate, mmol/L/h 22.9 35.9
Specific O2 uptake ratea, mmol/gDCW/h 3.8 5.7
Specific CH4 uptake ratea, mmol/gDCW/h 2.4 3.5
Specific CO2 evolution ratea, mmol/gDCW/h 1.1 2.3
  1. aCalculated by using the maximum gas uptake/evolution rates and the highest DCW from cultures of different strains