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Fig. 4

From: Ethanol production potential from AFEX™ and steam-exploded sugarcane residues for sugarcane biorefineries

Fig. 4

Fermentation time profiles for enzymatic hydrolysates obtained from AFEX™, StEx (washed solids), StEx (unwashed solids), StEx (whole slurry) and StEx (C5-liquor) sugarcane bagasse and cane leaf matter. Fermentations were performed using S. cerevisiae 424A (LHN-ST) with an initial inoculum of 0.96 g CDW L1 at 30 °C, pH 5.5, and a shaking speed of 150 rpm for 120 h. All enzymatic hydrolysates were supplemented with 0.25% (w/w) corn steep liquor prior to fermentation. Square—glucose (g L1), Triangle—xylose (g L1), Circle—ethanol (g L1), Diamond—OD600nm

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