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Fig. 5

From: Ethanol production potential from AFEX™ and steam-exploded sugarcane residues for sugarcane biorefineries

Fig. 5

Comparison of bagasse and CLM carbohydrate recovery (a) and ethanol yields (b) per ton dry biomass from AFEX™ and StEx pretreatment coupled with various solids processing options. The theoretical maximum carbohydrate recovery and ethanol yields (red dotted line) were calculated based on the initial glucan and xylan content in untreated bagasse and CLM). The solids loading was maintained at 10% carbohydrate loading, pH 4.8, and enzyme dosage at 25 mg g1 glucan and incubated at 50 °C for 96 h. *Assumed that sugars removed from washing step are directly sent to wastewater treatment and therefore not considered as recovered sugars

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