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Table 3 Estimated ethanol yield per hectare of sugarcane cultivation area

From: Ethanol production potential from AFEX™ and steam-exploded sugarcane residues for sugarcane biorefineries

Sugarcane crop segment
 Average cane yield (Mg wet cane ha−1) 80.0
 Bagasse (kg dry fibre Mg−1 wet cane)a 140.0
 Available bagasse (Mg dry fibre ha−1)b 11.2
 Cane leaf matter (kg dry fibre Mg−1 wet cane)a 140.0
 Available cane leaf matter (Mg dry fibre/Mg wet cane)c 5.6
2G Bagasse + CLM—ethanol yield (L ha−1)d
 AFEX™—Process I 4496
 StEx (washed solids + C5-liquor)—Process II 3416
 StEx (unwashed solids + C5-liquor)—Process III 3341
 StEx (whole slurry)—Process IV 2911
  1. aEstimated sugarcane bagasse and cane leaf matter yield per ton wet cane [16]
  2. bAssuming 75% of bagasse collected from the sugar mill is allocated to biofuel production and the remainder will supplement lignin-rich enzymatic residues for energy cogeneration
  3. cAssuming 50% of the CLM harvested on the field can be removed without significantly affecting soil fertility [18,19,20,21]
  4. dEthanol yield calculated by multiplying available bagasse or CLM (Mg dry fibre ha−1) with the experimental ethanol yield (L Mg dry fibre−1)