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Fig. 2

From: High-oleate yeast oil without polyunsaturated fatty acids

Fig. 2

Heterologous GPAT expression in Y. lipolytica. 8 heterologous GPAT genes and the native GPAT YlSCT1 were each transformed into a Δsct1 Δfad2 double deletion strain. 16 transformants of each gene as well as duplicates of control strains were grown in nitrogen-limited media for 72 h. Cells were analyzed by fluorescence assay and gas chromatography and the average values across transformants are shown. Error bars represent standard deviation values. Total lipid content is reported as arbitrary units of fluorescence divided by optical density at 600 nm (FL/OD) normalized to the wild-type strain. Oleic acid levels are reported as the percent fraction of total C16 and C18 fatty acids quantified

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